Comill Screens

Comill screens are the most effective screen types, particularly used for reducing particle size of large particle materials. Allowing to obtain particle sizes from 20mm to 150 µm, comill screen is able to produce both wet and dry granules.

Conical shaped perforated sheets installed inside allow size change easily, with the replacement of V-shaped blade in the screen sheet, transition from dry granule production to wet granule production can be realized very simply and quickly.

They are generally used as wetmill at the outlets of wet granulation mixers and drymill at the outlets of fluid bed dryer systems. Other than those, they can be used as a separate station in cases where particle size of powder materials needs to be reduced according to the process requirements.

The system can be produced with exproof ATEX T3-T4, zone 1-2 features optionally and also built as a portable or stationary station, optionally. Additionally, portable systems with vertical movement can be built for sifting purposes during product transfer from container to container.