Food Industry Container Mixer

Container mixers ensure that powder and granules for food production are mixed in the most effective and homogenous way. Products such as all kinds of fruit juice powders, 3-in-1 instant coffee mixes can be manufactured using this mixer.

Container mixers are preferred due to short loading and unloading times, easy to clean design and ability to set different batch capacities.

A single machine can be designed for operation with various container capacities and sizes from 50 L capacity containers to 2300 L capacity containers. (Connecting piece is used for low capacity containers.)

Entire system can be used both manually and automatically with PLC control, it is possible to realize all controls through the LCD touch panel. User operator can record end of production data via USB or can print out the data using a printer, optionally.

It is able to keep record of more than 100 pieces of prepared production process data by automatic recipe control, to load any data to the machine with a press of a button when needed and to automatically execute and terminate the entire process.