Chemicals Industry Liquid Production and Storage Tanks

Tanks intended for production and storage of liquid products in chemicals sector such as disinfectant, detergent in particular are manufactured with volumes ranging from 1,000 L to 20,000 L.

Surfaces that contact with product are made of AISI 316 L grade stainless steel and tanks are equipped with equipment and hardware specified by the customer.

In general, tanks are equipped with 1 piece of planetary type low speed mixer and 1 piece of high speed disperser mounted to the tank from above. However, modifications can be made on mixer according to customer requirements and tanks can be installed with magnetic mixer and homogenizator from bottom and also vertical homogenizator from above.

Generally equipped with a steam jacket heating system, these tanks can be custom manufactured with resistor heating system upon request.

While operation of the tanks can be performed automatically through complete PLC control, manual controlled version can be manufactured upon request. User operator can record end of production data via USB or can print out the data using a printer, optionally.

It is able to keep record of more than 100 pieces of prepared production process data by automatic recipe control, to load any data to the machine with a press of a button when needed and to automatically execute and terminate the entire process.

Weighing system, complete exproof system and addition of external homogenizator outside of the tank are among optional hardware of these tanks.