Granulate Dryer Ovens

Drying ovens are designed for drying wet granules of any type and property, however, their main feature is to dry delicate granules which have a high risk incurring damage without being disturbed. Granules are placed on trays designed according to the size of the oven and put in the oven with trolleys and taken out with trolleys upon completion of the drying process.

Such type of ovens are manufactured with exproof properties or with regular electrical system according to the structure of the granule.

In exproof systems, drying process is carried out by steam serpentines, all other equipment (fans, PT100 temperature probes, thermostat, control buttons, gas sensors) used in the oven have exproof properties. Vacuum drying system addition can be made optionally.

 Entire system can be used both manually and automatically with PLC control, it is possible to realize all controls through the LCD touch panel. Automation systems are realized at criteria established by 21 CFR-Part11.

User operator can record end of production data via USB or can print out the data using a printer, optionally. It is able to keep record of more than 100 pieces of prepared production process data by automatic recipe control, to load any data to the machine with a press of a button when needed and to automatically execute and terminate the entire process.

Manufactured with 1, 2 or 4 trolleys in general, the ovens can also be manufactured in various custom dimensions.